Cancer can have a large financial impact on families beyond the actual medical expenses. A patient's income may be reduced or entirely halted during treatment and recovery, while loved ones may also have to reduce working time to help with care.

The Snell Foundation is a volunteer-run nonprofit dedicated to providing patients of New England Cancer Specialists with a range of financial help, including:

Prescription medications

Medical equipment

Medical insurance premiums

Transportation (gas, taxis, tolls, parking and travel)

Everyday living expenses

Meals, protein drinks and other healthy food options

Heating & utilities (oil, gas, propane, electricity, water & sewer, telephone)

Rent, mortgage payments & homeowners insurance

We're here to help - confidentially and as easily as possible. For a consultation on your financial needs, call NECS at 207.303.3300 and ask to speak with Robin Letarte, Financial Advocate. Or email her at Letarr@newecs.org

board of directors

Jonathan Snell, President

Steve D'Amato, Treasurer

Victoria Foley, Secretary

Amy Helie

Chiara Battelli

Tracey Weisburg