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Cancer can have a large financial impact on families beyond the actual medical expenses. A patient's income may be reduced or entirely halted during treatment and recovery, while loved ones may also have to reduce working time to help with care.

The Snell Foundation is a volunteer-run nonprofit dedicated to providing patients of New England Cancer Specialists with a range of financial help, including:

Prescription medications

Medical equipment

Medical insurance premiums

Transportation (gas, taxis, tolls, parking and travel)

Everyday living expenses

Meals, protein drinks and other healthy food options

Heating & utilities (oil, gas, propane, electricity, water & sewer, telephone)

Rent, mortgage payments & homeowners insurance

We're here to help - confidentially and as easily as possible. For a consultation on your financial needs, call NECS at 207.303.3300 and ask to speak with Robin Letarte, Financial Advocate. Or email her at

board of directors

Jonathan Snell

Amy Helie

Steve D'Amato

Seth Blanchard

Chiara Battelli

Tami Hamilton

Verne Weisburg

Jennifer Dumas

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